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    Siam Progress Supply Co.,Ltd. is established since 2008 which we are one largest exporter company who get permission quota exporting and quota domestic of white sugar, brown sugar and raw sugar from factory group in Middle region, North region, North east region and East region of Thailand in order to distribute in domestic and export to Africa country zone and Asia. Our customer include Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, Fiji, Sudan, Georgia, Mauritius, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya etc.
     Sugar is main factor to produce food and dessert to industrial. We emphasize distribute various sugar type such as white refined sugar icumsa 45, white sugar icumsa 100, brown sugar, natural brown sugar, rock sugar, molasses in order to suitable manufacturer and consumer requirement. Since sugar is product what is limited annual exporting quota. This is not enough buyerˈs demand market.
For others business, we are also distributing jasmine rice, white rice 5%broken and 25%broken and parboiled rice. All origin is Thailand.
Rice is important thing what human can not forget and one part of life. Thailand is one country what plant the most rice of world and it is main product of Thailand. We need to expand Thai rice market particularly Jasmine rice to foreign customer prefer consumption others origin.
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